Regalo Swing Down 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard

Regalo Swing Down 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard
Regalo Swing Down 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard

The Regalo Extra Long Swing Down Bed Rail is made with all-steel construction and fits up to a queen sized mattress.

The toddler bed rail measures 54” long and 20” high, adding a higher level of security and providing peace of mind that your child will remain in bed throughout the night.

Requiring no tools to assemble, the Regalo Extra Long Swing Down Bed Rail installs quickly – just align the pieces, click together, add the nylon cover, attach the T-shaped anchors to one side of the bed and tighten the provided straps. It’s that simple.

The bed rail features our patented Gap Guard protection which helps prevent gaps from forming between the rail and mattress.

Covered with a durable mesh nylon fabric that encloses the steel frame, the bed rail is comfortable to the touch.

How to use Regalo Extra Long Swing Down Bed Rail?

·        The convenient locking tabs allow you to easily change the position of the rail. 

·        To lock in place, just push the tabs down and the rail will remain in the upright position.

·        When it’s time for your little one to get out of bed, just push up on the locking tabs and the rail will swing down out of your way.

·        The fabric is easy to keep clean by simply wiping with a damp washcloth.


  • SWING DOWN: The patented downward tilt feature allows this railing to pivot down and out of the way when entering and exiting the bed or removing sheets
  • EXTRA LONG AND EXTRA SAFE: 54 inches long (hinge point) and 20 inches high for added security
  • EASY TO CONFIGURE: no tools required
  • INSURANCE: anchor strap that secures the rail to the bed. Designed with the entire steel frame
  • SETTING: For use with a queen size double bed. PLEASE NOTE, ONLY for use with bed and box spring
  • The exclusive Gap Guard function prevents your child from sliding between the mattress and the rail.
  • Stop use immediately if the product breaks.
  • The cover is machine washable.

What’s Included in The Box?

  • One Mesh Wall.
  • One Right Upper Support Bar.
  • One Left Upper Support Bar.
  • One Right Bottom Support Bar.
  • One Left Bottom Support Bar.
  • One Right Swing Lock and Strap Assembly.
  • One Left Swing Lock and Strap Assembly.

Warranty Information

  • The Regalo Extra Long Swing Down Bed Rail is backed by a manufacturer’s limited 90-day warranty.
  • This bed rail has been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).
  • It also meets the safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).
  • The easy and tool-free configuration makes it the perfect extra-long rail without complications.
  • This bedrail is perfect for those restless little sleepers
  • The steel construction makes it very strong and durable
  • This railing adapts to a queen size mattress
  • The installation of the item on the bed is a job for two people to balance the rails and also requires the removal of the mattress.
  • This rail will only fit if your mattress is on a box spring foundation
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